Sunday, 16 August 2009

San Francisco

In this post about my San Francisco trip I asked if any of my readers wanted to ask me questions about stuff I might have forgotten to mention, or just anything else you wanted to know about the place and what I got up to.

And some of you actually did!

So here are your questions and my responses:

Girl on a Journey said:
I've always wanted to see Alcatraz - how was it?! Any ghosts? I hear there are ghosts there.
Nic says: Alcatraz was brilliant, so interesting. I heard about the ghosts too, but no, I didn't see any. I was there in the daytime, and I don't believe in the 'paranormal' anyway. That's not to say I'm not open-minded about having it proved to me, but I would literally have to see a ghost with my own eyes before I believed it. But yeah, go to Alcatraz.

Ms Salti asked:
Which hotel did you stay in? I'm always looking for suggestions!
Nic says: I stayed at the Days Inn on Lombard Street. It's more of a motel really, but it was cheap and came with all the essentials. If you're on a budget, then it's a good place to stay. Just don't tell them it was me who broke their coffee machine.

Gwen's question was:
Not one interesting event while you were there?
Nic says: I wouldn't say anything really out of the ordinary happened. Well, there was the taxi driver who insisted on playing (and singing along to) Dion and the Belmonts songs at full volume, then proceeded to produce a pair of drumsticks and use the steering wheel as a drum. I just stared out the window, trying my hardest not to erupt into fits of giggles.

Nicole Elkington wanted to know:
Did you get scared by the Bushman?
Nic says: I think he was going to try, but I spotted him hiding behind his silly little bush and shot him my best jump-out-at-me-and-I'll-stab-you face. Yeah, I can actually do that face quite well. It's useful, where I come from.

ChinkyGirlMel asked:
So, how was the seafood at Fisherman's Wharf?
Nic says: It was good. I love seafood anyway, especially crab and lobster, and I tried clam chowder, which was...alright.

Cheryl said:
Why ARE people always so obsessed with the English accent? I've never figured it out.
Nic says: Search me. I'm not complaining, though. It's a useful pulling tool.

Bored Housewife wanted to know:
I heard they're putting a net under the Golden Gate Bridge to stop people jumping off it? Anyway, were you tempted?
Nic says: Is that true about the net? Can't be! But I heard that a lot of people do jump off the bridge. But no, I wasn't tempted, thank you very much! Although I was on a pier at one point, walking towards the end and thought, "I wonder what all these people would do if I just kept walking." Thoughts like that amuse me.

Thanks for your questions, people!

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