Sunday, 9 November 2008


Located in Western England and just an hour’s drive from the world-famous monument of Stonehenge, Bath is easily accessible by both road and rail.

Famous for - and named after - the roman baths which can still be found there, Bath is a city full of culture…but also amazing shopping! In fact, Bath boasts more shops than a city ten times its size. From massive department stores to tiny boutiques, this place really does have it all.

While you’re there you can explore the city any way you want. You could choose to join one of the many walking tours, or you might prefer to see the area by vehicle – in which case you should buy one of the hop-on-hop-off bus tours, which are great value for money.

The Romans were captivated by the miraculous stream of endless hot water Bath offered, the Georgians later came from all over the country to bathe in it, and now people can once again experience its powers with the opening of the Thermae Bath Spa - the only place in Britain where you can swim in the natural thermal water. It’ll cost you a bit, though!

Add to all this the plethora of restaurants, bars, museums, galleries and the abbey, and Bath succeeds in the near-impossible feat of being both a historic and bang-up-to-date city. It really is quite magical.

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